I am a north London based artist and illustrator. I have a playful attitude towards art and paint with a light heart. My fondness is for the familiar; natural scenery, historical architecture and the urban landscape – our everyday surroundings and those who inhabit that space. I have recently become a member of the Highgate Watercolour Group.

Working from observational sketches, I develop my ideas in colour using various mediums; gouache, emulsions, watercolours, coloured pencils and inks.

I hope you find something here to enjoy. Selected work is available to purchase as giclĂ©e prints and cards on Etsy, and Gifted Local for eco-friendly hand-delivered options. Original artwork will be offered for sale at the Highgate Watercolour Group’s November 2021 exhibition at Lauderdale House.

Please contact me for prices, commissions and future projects.


‘Lauderdale in Art’

Julie’s House, 2021
gouche & acrylic | 260 x 360mm

The Stour looking to Harwich from Wrabness, 2021
gouche & acrylic | 260 x 360mm

Still Life, 2021
emulsion & acrylic | 210 x 297mm

Crouch End Station, 2021
emulsion coloured pencil & acrylic | 300 x 228mm

Archway Bridge, 2021
emulsion & acrylic | 260 x 360mm

St Joseph’s Church, Highgate, 2021
emulsion & acrylic | 228 x 300mm

Highgate Tunnels, 2021
emulsion, coloured pencil & acrylic | 180 x 260mm